Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pandora's Box is Hot

Oh yeah. Don't like a wealth of information? Stab your ears and run down the stairs while closing your eyes. I've just recently discovered Pandora Radio and can hereby tell you, audience, that if you don't now use this service that you, audience, are The Dumb™. click-a tha link-a provided by my Title.
It's only about 1.21 Gigawatts better than Last.FM. I'm still feeling it out, only using it while tinkering on the web (like now I'm listening to The Velvet Underground on my David Bowie station). I think I'll make a Devo station next.
Ah. As I added that image The Psychedelic Furs came on. Damn I love this site; it's reading my mind. And what's great is that I tell the service what it is that I like and what I don't like, it just suggest what you might also enjoy and you help it to help you. Awesome. Not only this but it will explain to you why it is that it suggested the next song/artist. Pandora Radio also provides the user with a friends list as to use other peoples playlists. The streaming is pretty smooth and the advertisements are altogether ignorable. If I could get this in my car, I'd be set.

And what's more, I love to "randomize" my music since I listen to so much of it. The rearrangement of song order can create better enjoyment of music but only if it somehow makes sense to the person hearing it. It's the dilemma of the DJ: what comes next and what goes with what? Most "randomizations" leave my musical taste dulled but I revel in the occasions of several songs piecing together perfectly. And I don't have to do anything on Pandora but rate the music! Sometimes I have to change the pitch and/or speed of the song to meet my taste (I prefer Message In A Bottle to be played quickly) with other players, but with Pandora a perfectly good live recording of that song comes up. Know what? It happens to have been performed at a much more catchy pace. If I didn't know better I might even buy some of this music (even the stuff I own).


Anonymous said...

Pandora rocks my life. I've been listening to things over it for about a year. It kinda pisses me off that there are movements to get rid of it... Sonofabitch...

Anonymous said...

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