Sunday, May 18, 2008

Google: Me

I'm fairly below any sort of radar. I like that. You cannot Google me with success, though it seems quite a few of my "googlegangers" are well off. Good lord is that a terrible word or what: googlegangers? The Lipo (Lee-Poe) clan that I am descendant from are also quite affluent as well as strongly family oriented. This brings to mind the few stories of older relatives reaching out in search of long lost members wherever they may be. Our name is a Polish name which is apparently a sort of Bush, though we've found Lipos of Italian and (I believe) Dutch heritage but they did not seem to be our Lipos. They also didn't seem eager to know us. Odd.

Fuck 'em. Though, while on the subject of Googling ones self, it's a tough decision as to which of your names to Google. Jim, Jay, James, or Jimmy Lipo? I only really go by James or Jay these days but when I was younger I would hear Jim and Jimmy. However, I don't think Google even existed when I went by the latter. Turns out that Google doesn't know who I am and I even use their blogging site. Talk about surveillance!

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