Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Cleaning The Internet

It can't be done. I quote the grate Joe Rogaine™ from the classic 90s sit-com News Radio, "Dude, you can't take things off the internet. That's like trying to take pee out of a swimming pool." And it is. I sternly agree with the likes of Doug Stanhope when he attacks the popular notion amongst the mainstream news media that "child pornography is rampant on the Internet", as if the Internet is a mad house of child porn. You can't even check your private e-mail anymore without seeing immature genitalia everywhere!

Doug and I have seen a lot of things on the Internet (yes, like him I've even seen cock fingering) but we've never seen child porn. I (nor he) deny that it's probably out there because sick freaks of all sorts still exist and most likely can jam keys on their desktop. What we are saying, however, is that if child porn is so rampant and it's so impossible to get things off the Internet then why am I not revolted by child porn at every click? It might seem that big news media corporations might have it out for the Internet? Muddying things up in the public eye? We'll see about that, jerks.

And why can't we know whatever we want to know? If the information is so important, it certainly isn't our fault for knowing about it. A bit of logic passed down from my father as to why he never kept up with religion, even at a young age, was that "when they started to talk about God judging my thoughts, I knew it wasn't for me." And isn't this the main fear? That we might eventually know something and give a damn about it to change the dynamics of power would ruin their parade of money and excessive influence. Better to keep us poor and dumb-- keep telling us everything we're doing is wrong and dangerous. People are easier to push around like that.