Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Argument

"How has your political identity developed? What beliefs do you have, and what events or people have shaped them?"

My political identity has formed just as every other view, thought, or personality trait has over the years. Early on I thought that political views were solely represented by mast heads like Presidents (read: when I was a fucking child). As I became an adolescent, my views became adolescent; I looked to quantify things and pit them against one another in extreme dichotomies. Democratic V. Republican Steel Cage DeathMatch, FIGHT. Alas, once I was lost in thought over how cool Bill Clinton was. Then I thought he was overrated but powerful. Then I read Howard Zinn and realized that not only he, but the other politicians I thought were keen were in fact assholes too. I still miss the simplicity of loving Teddy Roosevelt.

These days? I just view it as one big show. I make jokes about cabals and smoke filled rooms where decisions are made months in advance but I also wouldn't be surprised. Politicians are lying assholes? Go on! No way. I once met a girl who seemed bright, though young. When she told me that-- "yes, large scale politicians are all corrupt assholes but local politicians are A-OK; I've worked with them"-- I just laughed. I believe in our power as a mass of people but I simply see us as too marginalized, too divided, and too apathetic.

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