Sunday, May 18, 2008

Follow The Links

A reflective look on where we go on the Internet and why we got there. Why do I first look at amateur porn and other softcore varieties before I move onto the dirtiest of the dirty (thanks a lot Max Hardcore, now I can't wash my eyes hard enough). In truth, it's not the easiest thing to hop around to unrelated spaces of the Internet from one page to another. Main pages are often utilized as to not meander around, blindly clicking hyperlinks. Truly, the most populous of non sequitur links must be the advertisement. Gross. Who clicks on those?

There are domains (quite literally) and realms on the Internet where mostly one sort of intellectual ownership presides. Even where the land dictates open sharing, it's often through a few single sources and users return immediately to the main page(s). On web forums it's just the same; I may start at the forum, click a link in a thread, and perhaps another within that linked area but I'd normally return back to the forum shortly. Hell, we all have our favorite places to go on the internet. Firefox provides users with a graphical toolbar for all my multi-tabbed/windowed needs (I prefer windows with no limit on the amount of windows). I can go to Pandora Radio, DotA Allstars, Penny Arcade, The Evolution Control Committee, my e-mail, and/or The Rogan Board within a series of clicks-- all at the same time. But can I connect myself from one site to the other via links provided by those pages? Why bother? You can go and provide those links to those domains as to interconnect them in some way but it'd be much easier to simply save the URL.

But how do we find these places to begin with. Aha, here's where Internet exploration comes to fruition. Surely, if I hear of these things from other sources in my daily life then I can Google them. However, in the case of my infrequently visited Rogan Board, I stumbled upon a wealth of information by chance! I was investigating information on DMT when I found a video of Joe Rogan talking about the drug for 10 minutes! From there I saw videos of Joe's infamous and short-lived Joe Show (10 webisodes, I don't know why he stopped doing it. It's not like he canceled himself) and decided I join his internet community. From this place I've seen quite a lot. When the discussions are good there is much of worth to be said and read with links, references, and resources flying around like ricocheted bullets in the Old West. It's a place of many links like BoingBoing and Wonkette but there's more discussion and no one's paid to talk about it.

What do you do with the unknown? Discover it. When do you discover it? When you're feeling a little adventurous. Happy Hunting.

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